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With the release of the new Dune movie, the fashion world has recently been shaken (ok, shook) by a specific individual who’s been hitting the red carpet premieres.

That individual is Zendaya.

Zendaya, starting as a Disney child actor, has truly been a star rising with every passing film and public appearance.

While I am sure Zendaya gives a solid opinion on what she ultimately wears, she also has the expert help of her incredible stylist.

The name is Law Roach.

This is not Roach’s first fashion rodeo.

Law, who has also worked with Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Celine Dion, and more of fashion’s biggest names — was recently awarded “Top Stylist of the Year” by the Hollywood Reporter making him the first Black stylist to take home the title. 

In the entertainment industry there are many artists – and behind every celebrity there is a village.

There are the fashion designers, and then there are the stylists – designers can create fashion, but the art of being a stylist is being a matchmaker for the clothing and a specific individual.

Law Roach continues to make a fashion match in heaven for Zendaya with fashion world – I believe their are making a new fashion world of their own.

They have been such a fashion powerhouse that this year Zendaya was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Fashion Icon Award. That makes her the youngest person to ever have received that award.


“There are designers, and then there are stylists – designers can create fashion, but the art of being a stylist is being a matchmaker for the clothing and a specific individual.”

– Belen

These are truly just a few of the stunning looks that Zendaya has worn this year. I am SO excited to see the fashion line up for the upcoming year for this gorgeous young talent.

I am wishing her the best as she continues on her merry fashion way. What an incredible woman she is showing herself to be.

Which is your favorite Zendaya look??

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