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Spring is arriving on the winds of beautiful change this year. With covid restrictions being lifted, one can feel the anticipation of a fresh new chapter beginning. The warm sun feels extra special to me these days, and with it, the scent of fresh nature wafting on the breeze.

Fashion week was an incredible season for designers, there was so much creativity expressed and silhouettes explored! This is truly going to be an exciting year for streetwear and red carpets.

There was one recurring color that captured the eye and breath of fashion goers.

Pink is having its moment.

To see this color is to see a visual representation of pop rock candy.

This exuberant color is such an incredible statement that exudes playfulness, flirtation, joyfulness, and, especially, femininity.

I highly recommend incorporating pink into your wardrobe for a guaranteed memorable fashion moment.

I use to, actually, hate this color during my teen years. At the time it did not suit my dark emo, romantic soul. I still chuckle of times past.

However as the years passed, life got too serious, and the world got too dark – there’s only so much memes can do to make one laugh these days.

Why not brighten it up with more vibrant colors?

Here is what has been lighting up this season’s runways.

Maison Valentino Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Incredible. A long time muse of Valentino, Zendaya modeling from the 2022 collection.

Valentino’s newest collection took the trending monochrome aesthetic and added modern sophisticated silhouettes.

I just want to take a moment and praise the Maison Valentino design team who put on such an incredible fashion show. Their spring/summer collection, simply put, was amazing.

This collection was an exciting exploration and showcase of the color pink – a color that unlocks and releases our whimsical unconsciousness – capturing our attention, and exciting our imagination.

Pink as a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the need for realism.

Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli

Who will ever be able to forget this fashion moment! Rihanna making it official that she is expecting with ASAP Rocky. She’s wearing a pair of jeans from Vêtements, a pair of Amina Muaddi pumps and layers of jewels. The true statement that showcased Rihanna’s announcement revolved around a gorgeous pink Chanel puffer jacket from the fashion house fall-winter 1996-1997 collection.

According to Vogue “The search words “Pink Padded Coats” increased by +200%” after Rihanna’s appearance in Paris.

Naomi Campbell walking the Versace Spring/Summer 2022 runway

Reigning Queen of Victoria’s Secret, Candice Swanepoel, gracing the ‘Off White’ spring/summer 2022 runway.

So far this season has been off to an amazing start.

With open arms I am awaiting the full arrival of spring.

While the retail stores are already restocking for yet another 70’s-coachella style summer (anyone else bored of this summer go-to style?), I am going to lean into having a more whimsical, romantic season – filled with vibrant colors, memorable patterns and (of course) many different hues of pink.

What are you thoughts of this color? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are there divisive reasons why you love or dislike it?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Let’s keep exploring fashion my friends.




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