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Winter is such an incredible season – with the nights arriving faster, the air getting more crisp, string lights getting hung, Christmas, New Year’s etc – winter is truly a magical season. Especially for fashion. It excites me seeing the fresh layers of luxurious coats, furs (faux), sparkle, tulle, jacquard, brocade, wool – the luxurious thick textures that come out of peoples closets, designers runways, and on display in store windows.

My top go to stores to shop for a luxurious coats and not spend a fortune on are from the following.


Zara continues to knock my fashion socks off as they release such affordable, chic collections every season. This company gets better every year, and I will continually return to them to shop and build my wardrobe. This brand has brought European fashion to the everyday individual while simultaneously being a strong fashion influence among runway designer connoisseurs.

The coats pictured above are from Zara’s newest Atelier collection 01. While on the more pricey side, you definitely get a high quality stunning coat that would rival any Parisan streetwear.

Here are some more glamorous options with a smaller price tag but a huge fashion statement!


Oh Nasty Gal, I love you. They are currently having a KILLER winter sale right now, go check them out and see if you can snag a super fun coat before they are gone.


ASOS is another fantastic store to shop that is affordable and tres chic for your winter fashion adventures!

While all these coats are my top picks from my favorite stores, I also will always encourage everyone to check out their local thrift store and repurpose a coat.

Restyle and send me pics of what you find! If you have any style questions please reach out and ask me questions!

As always loves, dress and live well!


xoxoxoxox Belen


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