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What to Pack For Looking Chic While Traveling in Autumn

Hello friends! I am currently typing this post from Erbil, Iraq! If you had told me that I’d be here 5 years ago I would have said someone had too much tequila.

For the longest time I thought travel was too expensive and was mainly for retirement. I would see these women on the gram posting all their vacation pics, as if they were vacationing every other day of the year – and I couldn’t help but sigh at that distant dream.

However, during the “covid years” I was forced to slow down my life and really think through a lot of hopes and dreams.

Have you ever sat down and had “that” conversation with yourself? Like, asking yourself what you truly want to do in your life? And not be afraid to dream if those thoughts seem big?

I asked myself those exact questions – and I knew.

Covid made me promise myself that when it was over I would take myself out to see the world.

What ended up scaring me more than traveling solo was actually me missing the chance to be able to.


I needed my Secret Life of Walter Mitty moment. (haven’t seen this movie? Highly recommend. Currently streaming on HBO Max)


I am currently traveling for the next month (*excited scream*) and these are some essentials I highly recommend packing for your next trip. Of course I packed chic with a strong emphasis on being comfortable (cause why else would you travel 😛 jk)

When packing for a long stay I would read so often about the importance of packing light. While I totally understand the reasoning for that, I decided to pack with the mentality of being very comfortable.

That meant 2 medium sized suitcases, and a backpack. I packed to be a little under 30 kilograms (66 pounds).

That said, I packed what I call “the classics” – meaning staple tops, pants, and shoes that I can coordinate in a way that would keep my outfits looking fresh/different but still chic throughout my travels.

What owning “The classics” or “Staples” mean to me are items of clothing that are the most versatile articles in ones closet.

Examples: A white button up shirt, black dress pants, black suit jacket/blazer, a leather jacket, black flats, white sneakers, black and white leather belts. The list continues as such.

But – ALWAYS pack at least one exciting top or pant, please, for the love of all that is fashion! Have fun.

Epic coats are a must for every autumn and winter. Isn’t that truly why we want the weather to be cold? So we can wear amazing coats? haha that’s what I think at least.

Please do yourself a favor and buy good noise-cancelling headphones. Just do it. Don’t think you do not need them. I was able to sleep during most of my 13hr flight from LAX to Istanbul peacefully. Truly the best purchase I ever bought for traveling. These headphones were amazing, being honest, better than Beats by dre.

Bought them here

I also fell head over heels in love with essential oils rollers. These little guys have kept me feeling refreshed and calm throughout my journey. I got mine at the Dollar tree (its my favorite find there).

What is your favorite articles of clothing that you always keep going back to for autumn and winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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As always, have fun with your wardrobe and tag me if anything I have written has inspired your OOTD





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