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Emily Ratajkowski: Queen of Streetwear – Autumn Fashion Inspo

Emily Ratajkowski is a continual fashion moment. Period.

Ratajkowski has recently been thrown into the spotlight – the sad reason due to her separation from her husband of 4 years (wtf Sebastian *facepalm*), to now rumors of her possibly dating Brad Pitt….

However there are more than enough articles out there that talk all about the rumors, what “actually happened” etc – this will not be one of them.

Best known to her 29.5 million followers on instagram as Emrata, the 31 year old mother shows her cool aesthetic and a peak into her life as a model, author, speaker, and business owner.

Rata’s streetwear style is an homage to 90s-throwback business – it always feels fresh with a chic urban edge, and is punctuated with a her natural sexiness, exuding total ease in the overall look.

Whether it is making a bagel run, traveling to airports, crossing the street, or going out walking with her adorable dog Colombo – Ratajkowski is an influencer to always watch.

Below are some of my favorite streetwear styles Ratajkowski has worn. These chosen looks are perfect inspo for this autumn and winter season.

Pink is in season!

Everyone should have an oversized coat by now – a must have staple in every closet.

Have you picked up her book “My Body”?

Her books’ essays about her personal life and experiences in the fashion model industry, stirred quite a number of emotions in me.

I found myself shocked, sadden by the cost of beauty fame, encouraged to celebrate ones own body – and yet it opened questions on questions about how we actually view ourselves and bodies.

I will go a step further by adding that it is actually important to read the honest thoughts (biographies etc) of celebrities (or anyone that heavily influences our views of success, beauty, and lifestyles). I think it is through that study that the name “influencers” and “celebrity” take on a more salubrious form.

“I want to calculate my beauty to protect myself, to understand exactly how much power and lovability I have.” 
― Emily Ratajkowski, My Body

Romantic deep reds are always a must for autumn. I love this dress!

What are you favorite looks pictured above?

Which celeb is influencing your wardrobe this season?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you all are having an incredible season.




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