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Summer is here again – and I am so here for it!

I want to live under a yellow umbrella, an accordion playing in the distance, with a Negroni in one hand, a bowl of pasta on my lap, and the Mediterranean Sea stretched out before me.

Main character kind of summer, am I right? (That is what the kids are calling it these days right?)

However one does not need to travel overseas to dress like a true main character.

(Unless you have the amazing fortune of reading this while you are in some romantic foreign location already)

It is the season of trying new things, stepping outside comfort zones, and embracing fresh styles for each season of your life.

Below I have listed some looks that are fresh, cool (both in look and temperature), feminine, classy, and below $200.

Stay cool and classy with every one of these style combos. These styles will look absolutely stunning on every body type.

Don’t forget to go for new styles and have fun!

Discover the world of textiles this season – try out different textures, patterns, and accessories.

Enjoy a new experience of trying different looks this season, I think you will be very surprised.

As always lovelies, if you like this post please let me know in the comments below. If you want to see more style inspo or have a style question also leave that in the comments section too!

I would love to continue hearing from you!

Cheers to a beautiful, fun summer.




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