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A huge congratulations to Rihanna and ASAP Rocky for the arrival of their newborn son!

How excited are you for Rihanna to take on this new role as mom?

When the news was first announced, it sent me down this rabbit hole of researching her top iconic looks. And let me tell you, there are some looks that I am taking serious notes on.

This woman keeps the world on its toes for what she will do next.

From hella feminine, to hella edgy – Rihanna has been serving looks for years.

We are going to revisit some of her earlier styles as well as her most recent.

Do you remember all of these looks??

What are your favorite looks from Rihanna? Leave it in the comments below!

One of the MANY reasons why I love Rihanna’s style is because, no matter how far she pushes the boundaries, she is being herself. How incredible is that? Every look, I feel like we are always seeing herself.

She is dressing for herself and herself alone.

This woman does not limit herself with whatever she chooses to do.

Lesson: just go for it! Do not forget to have fun and try new things with your own wardrobe!

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