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The Met Gala is one of the most looked forward to fashion events of the year. It is where fashion flirts with extreme creations that are borderline theatrical costumes, all supposedly centered around a determined theme set by Museum of Modern Art’s Costume Institute.

The Met Gala, or Met Ball, formally called the Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit, is an annual fundraising gala held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. It is popularly regarded as the world’s most prestigious fashion event, and an invitation is highly sought-after. Celebrities from various fields such as fashion, film, television, music, sports, and social media, are generally invited to the gala, organized by American fashion magazine Vogue.

What does it cost to go?

According to BBC news: Tickets cost about $35,000 and tables go for up to $300,000 (£239,000).

The party raises millions of dollars for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, a fashion museum whose tens of thousands of exhibits are closed to the general public.

Let that sink in.

What is the theme this year?

The Met’s 2022 theme is “Gilded Glamour”. It is suppose to pay homage to the soaring opulence during the Victorian industrial revolution, its peak being the gilded years of 1870 – 1900. The age was thriving with massive economic growth, citizens were earning wages that were higher than in Europe, making all eyes turn to America to build ones dream.

There was so much inspiration to be found during this time – the grandeur of this period was stunning. The quality of materials were better than ever as fabric reproduction got less expensive due to the booming industry. I highly recommend reading all about this amazing period here in this incredible blog that talks all about it.

Wonderful examples of the period are the films Age of Innocence and Portrait of a Lady – both films are incredible depictions of the era.

Now that we feel even more cultured studying the period of the gilded age, let us continue on our merry fashion way.

pour your tea.

Let us begin the analysis, shall we?


Kourtney and her fiancé Travis Barker both chose to wear a Thomas Browne assemble. Kardashian opted for a white cropped button-up with an undone white bow tie – she also chose to wear a post-surgery type wrap around her midriff, and a deconstructed black skirt. As for Travis, he was in a black suit jacket over a white button-up.

Did they know that the fitting was not done and that the garments had to go to the tailors first? I have never seen waiters dress so poorly.

2. Cara Delevingne

The supermodel opted to wear a vibrant custom red suit pant and jacket provided by Dior. To complete the assemble she painted her body in gold makeup with nipple covers, instead of wearing a top (cause obviously she’s concerned about the planet).

On first impressions it seemed as if Cara forgot she had Coachella makeup on still. But not to worry, after all, she is a supermodel, she can wear anything and it be called “fashion”.

There is nothing like trying to make a tacky fashion choice and attempting to spin it into a political statement.

3. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid opted to wear a custom latex Versace assemble to last nights gala. Does anyone else think she took a page from Cardi B’s 2019 gala appearance? This look was, honestly, very underwhelming.

I hope she returned the hotels duvet when the night was over, I also hope she was not too late going to the Blade themed party later that night.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner chose to wear a wedding gown from the fashion house Off-White as if to pay homage to the late designer Virgil Abloh (he died in November of 2021 at the age of 41).

Whether she knew that she was paying homage or not could also be a possibility.

I hope the Gala did not interrupt Ms. Jenner’s halloween bridal photoshoot for her next lip kit too much.

5. Bella Hadid

The supermodel wore a gothic black gown courtesy of Riccardo Tisci for Burberry. The ensemble included a leather corset, mesh evening gloves, and a thigh high slit and sheer lace tights. Hadid paired the look with a voluminous updo and neutral makeup.

Apparently the film Chronicles of Riddick and Elvira came to her mind when she heard the theme was “Gilded Age”. Everyone else remembers seeing Vin Diesel in our history books right? Or was proper history only taught at her private prep school.

6. Amy Schumer

The comedian wore a black coat-dress designed by Gabriela Hearst and matching sunglasses.

Schumer has previously criticized the Met Gala. Speaking with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show in 2016, Schumer said attending the Met Gala felt like a “punishment” and that she has “no interest in fashion.”

“I guess I should be grateful I was invited or something, but yeah, it felt like a punishment. It’s not me and I don’t like it … It’s so fake … It’s people doing an impression of having a conversation,” Schumer said.

Hilarious how nothing has stopped Ms. Schumer from returning to this years Gala despite it being “so fake.”

It makes one wonder why she did not instead donate her $35,000 ticket (on the low end) to a charity of her choice and spend a night at home brushing up on her comedic acting instead.

Was it possible she was attempting to save face after the debacle of the Oscars by enduring the “punishment” again?


Jenner wore a custom black tulle Prada top with a net embroidered overlay. She paired it with a voluminous black silk-satin skirt with hand-pleated ruched details.

Is Sherri Hill Prom starting a goth collection we did not know about?

Kendall chose to get her eyebrows bleached for the occasion as well. While it did create a “avant garde” look, it’s feeling more like an overused, outdated, go-to edgy makeup choice these days.

I did not think that Kendall could become an even more expressionless model – but here we are.


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe

These styles have said quite a lot indeed.

This was one of the worst Galas in a long time.


This post was written by a frustrated, exhausted, fashion enthusiast.

“Breaking fashion rules” should not make one dress poorly to make a point of breaking said rule – it should be about looking at the rule and saying “I can do even better.”

This should be a fashion turning point for all trend setters for future galas – of what not to wear.

A lot can happen in a year (all I am saying), for improving fashion and making it the greatest it has ever been.

Fashion is all about individuality – however that message is getting lost as the end result is just a display of tasteless, uninspired, vulgar, classless, nauseous styles.

Closing closing thoughts:

This Met Gala was like watching the blind leading the blind – or in this case, the tasteless leading the tasteless.

What are your thoughts?

share your fashion thoughts in the comments below and we can have a grand conversation together.

Thank you all for your continued support and love, wishing you all the best on your own fashion adventures.

Time for a Negroni.



**I own none of the images, they belong to their respective owners.


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