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The world went WILD yesterday as Daniel Craig stepped out onto the premiere carpet in a stunning deep blush pink blazer.

What a way to make an entrance and say goodbye!

Yesterday was the beautiful London premiere of the 5th and final Daniel Craig Bond film, No Time to Die. It is this film that would star the very handsome Daniel Craig for the final time in his 15 year role of portraying the wonderfully charismatic, daring British secret agent, James Bond.

While contending with rain off and on, the glamorous Bond ensemble assembled at The Royal Albert Hall. With a luxurious red carpet sprawling past them, the beautiful cast and producers stood for a final photo op.

Daniel Craig wore a suit jacket custom made by the incredible Anderson & Sheppard, based of course in London. It was a bespoke double-breasted dinner jacket made from 15oz pink cotton velvet. The jacket has side vents, covered buttons and turn-back cuffs. The velvet was woven by Scabel – this fabric company is considered to be the finest English cloth company in all of England. The company has been in production since 1539.

Love the British with their amazingly rich history.

Along with the velvet jacket, was paired with shining black John Lobb shoes, a stunning Omega watch, and a hefty slick of hair gel.

Here I shopped for some great alternatives that are affordable and similar enough to what Daniel Craig wore. Being honest there is not a lot of great options currently. However, be on the look out during the holiday season for more velvet options! That is the best time to look and get the best deals and most variety.

One could say at the premiere that Daniel Craig opted to say goodbye to his beloved role, while being dressed entirely as himself.

It was almost as if he was there to say goodbye to an old friend of 15 years.

Thank you Daniel for all the entertainment.

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Much love,

Belen xoxoxox

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