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Coats are personally one of my favorite garments to shop for. I have a spectrum of coat styles in my closet, from faux fur to denim. The incredible styles that we have around us in stores and online makes me giddy, to be honest.

Whether you have a more utilitarian perspective and only see a coat as a means of staying warm and dry, or you are a fashionista who must keep up with the fashion times – there is a coat out there for you.

Who doesn’t like strutting down the street in a powerful coat? Don’t you feel like you are a sexy secret agent, hurrying along on a crowded street? Or is your fashion vibe more like Trinity from The Matrix in her iconic, sweeping long, shiny, black coat?

Who doesn’t like strutting down the street in a powerful coat?

Or are you more of a romantic soul (like me) and love the feeling of being bundled up on a cold day, on your way to a bookstore, or your favorite coffee shop?

There have been an explosion of amazing coat sales happening of late – lets get on that autumn wagon and shop.


Continuing my Holly Golightly mentality, you do not need to break your budget to look smoking hot this autumn!

Don’t forget to have fun and try a new style this year!

***Side Note: The insanely gorgeous Faux Cheetah Coat (#9 down) from Nordstrom is adjustable! Wear it short or long!

What has been your favorite coat trend from previous years? Are you wondering what you should pair with each coat?

Comment below or DM me on my instagram account @stylexbelen (link at bottom of page) to get your outfit questions answered!

Let’s have an exciting fashion life together, for goodness sake! 😛

As always thank you so much for stopping by, cheers loves!



**I do not own any of these images. Click on the links to be directed to their rightful owners 😀


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