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I decided I needed to pause on the style inspo and focus on one of the most important things when it comes to dressing. We are taking it back to foundations and addressing some things before we continue our fun with fashion exploration.


I feel like this will definitely be one of those “forever topics” – cause we are constantly at war with ourselves when it comes to simply talking kindly about ourselves.

One of my first big jobs was being a wedding dress stylist.

I LOVED my job! It was so fruitful being there for the major moment when a bride would choose her dream dress. The tears, the smiles, the realization that they are living the dream they had dreamt most of their lives.

I still get goosebumps when I think of some of the love stories I have heard from that boutique.

However, I encountered a challenge when it came to styling my brides.

AT LEAST 70% of them very strongly disliked their bodies.

Here was what got me – these lovely women were entering one of the happiest seasons of their lives – their partner chose them, FOR FOREVER! And here they were looking at themselves in the mirror with such intense dislike. It was truly so sad to see. Being an outsider and having to see their anguish, all over how THEY perceived their bodies.

And of course one of the first things they would say after they see themselves is “I plan on loosing a TON of weight before the wedding.”

I understand wanting to look your best, especially for your wedding – I totally understand!

However, I think that we all know how deeply rooted these thoughts can go. How they can make us feel every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, any mirror.

Sometimes, depending on what mirror, a simple warp in the glass, a certain lighting, can literally affect our mood during the day – cause we will look back at that moment and cringe.

It can be so deeply rooted that we don’t even believe the people around us when they tell us how beautiful we are. We are more inclined to believe a total stranger, an outsider “non biased” perspective of our looks.

I really want to challenge you to pause your very busy life – just pause.


Let yourself warmly smile with gratitude for the health you’ve been given – smile warmly as you think of how far you have come in your life at this moment – breathe.

The years, the miles, the steps – all leading to this moment.

Then I highly recommend you go to your favorite mirror, look straight at yourself, take in your whole body.

Smile warmly.

Your body has carried you all these years, and all these miles – whatever you do not like about your body, either shape, blemish, or scars – this is you.

No one on this earth is you.

What a gift.

I am getting very deep because this has been my personal journey. I am definitely still working on it.

I am so grateful for how I was made.

My body was sculpted/styled by an artist. And so was yours.

I can not say I am sorry for getting deep into this heavy topic – however, it was needed to be said.

As much as I love my job and making people look their best, my heart will always want them to BELIEVE they are their best.

Clothes are just a bonus to all of us. A frame for the artwork.

I am no doctor, listen to your health and just take care of yourself.

Remember, its body, mind, and soul – show them love and take care of them.

“Clothes are just a bonus enhancer to all of us. A frame for the artwork.”

-Belen (also some sort of quote from pinterest but I forgot which :P)

Body Types

The 5 basic body types most commonly found are defined as follows: diamond, hourglass, apple, rectangle, pear, inverted triangle (delicious pizza slice for men lol), and triangle.

BOTH MEN AND WOMEN CAN HAVE THESE SHAPES. Not all of them, but they’re out there.

I really hope you are not reading any of the above definitions in a negative way. Simply a shape, that’s all.


As you get use to seeing yourself in a positive way you will find yourself being more open to experimenting with your looks. That is when things get exciting! And before you know it – the world becomes your fashion oyster!

Celebrity Figure Examples

These are jut a few famous faces we all know with some beautiful body examples.

While I am aware that celebrities do spend a fortune in money and time to perfect their appearances, let’s take these next picture examples in with a grain of salt.

All of the women pictured I honestly admire a lot – each one of them have used their celebrity status and decided to also become business women. Whether you love them or hate them, or love to hate them, each one has made quite a name for themselves and grown exponentially, all while being in the public eye.

Here is my point in choosing these women above:

Peoples bodies become so last on the list when it comes to taking in who they actually are!

Make sense?


Once you understand the body type you are, it is time to “figure out” (see what I did there? 😛 #dadjoke – ok I’m done lol) how to dress it.

The key that most celebrities and stylists use to looking their best is actually seeing the body and learning what to balance.

If you have an hourglass figure you will appear most striking in a fitted dress. If you are endowed with Venus hips, you can rock out a blazer with shoulder pads.

If you have been blessed with watermelon boobs you can kill it in a off-the-shoulder top, making your waist look tiny.

There are so many variations of style to do!

It all starts with you! Look at yourself and rock out!

In conclusion:

  1. Be grateful for where you are at. Your body has brought you far in your life.
  2. Be honest with yourself about your body type. You are walking art, dress accordingly.
  3. Find an aspect of your body you can balance to show off your figure best!

I really really hope this post inspires you! This is part one, I will be making this a series throughout my blog because it is so important! I will be making a series of how to dress each body type listed above to share even more specific tips for how to dress your best!

Let me know if this has helped you OR if there was something you would like me to talk about in my future posts!

As always thank you so much for all the support! This blog is to help women who are figuring out their bodies and how to dress and LIVE their best!




***I do not own any of the images above they are from their respective owners


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