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Look, I know that fashion is 100% up to the individual, as it should always be. However as a stylist, I really got to be honest, especially when some designs are really just beyond hideous. Some clothes should never be in anyones closets.

I understand the reason society is trying to revert back to the 90’s and beyond. It is a comfort area – a nostalgia. It is the exact same reason why we rewatch tv shows and movies. There is a comfort in knowing the whole plot before it even begins – it’s a sure thing to know the ending. There are psychological studies that have confirmed that revisiting something we know in its entirety brings great comfort, and stability to our state of mind.

Anyone else rewatching Friends, The Golden Girls, or The Nanny for the 13th time?? Yes, you read that correctly.

Scrolling through instagram, its so easy to try and wear what everyone else (seemingly) is wearing. However, have you often stopped in your scrolling tracks and just gone “What. Is. That??”

Do you look back on how you dressed 10yrs ago and just cringe?. . . Just saying.

Alright – lets hop to it! Here are the top trends that got to go!

1. The Visible Thong Trend

Oh. My. Goodness. The controversial trend, also known as a whale tail, made its fashion debut at Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring ‘97 runway show.

Every time I see a celebrity trying to sport this trend while acting all cool and chic, I just think to myself “Really? We’re doing this?”

One does not need to display a thong to feel sexy and on trend. Please do not use this to draw attention to the amazing booty you already have. Try instead a fitted pencil skirt with a delicate gold chain belt. Just look up Paris Hilton from the early 2000s to know what to avoid – again, just saying.

2. Low – Rise Pants

We did not survive the early 2000s with eating disorders, low self esteem, and constantly checking to see if our butt crack was showing to live through another resurgence of this trend.

While pictured below are top models effortlessly showing off this style, my point is made as for the body type that we always strived to have when this pant originally came out. Please, do not throw away your well tailored, fitted to your beautiful body, high-waisted,, jeans – let us hope this trend blows over quickly.

3. Super Tight Cut-out Dresses

There is sultry – there is sexy – and then there is the super tight cut-out dresses that is not flattering on ANYONE. If you look closely you can see that even the models hate the designs. Why are women being so easily convinced to dress in such horrendous outfits? I do not understand. Love yourself more and say no to these looks. It does not matter how many “social influencers” try to make these dresses appear “fashion forward”. Please do not ever spend your hard earned money like this.

4. Long Fake Nails

There is nothing like a beautiful manicure! I absolutely love how women treat themselves to the salon or at home – its a lovely grooming ritual that we do about once a week. Filing, polish, another coat etc. Usually while listening to a true crime podcast or watching our favorite show. Needless to say how often we use our hands in life, we want our nails to look their best.

However this trend of extremely long nails is quite cringey. I think Cardi B made it very popular the last couple years, with her viral wild nail designs by her incredible nail artist Jenni Bui (a true artist and I absolutely applaud her for her designs). There is something to be said of the coffin length of these acrylics however that Cardi likes to show off.

I honestly applaud Cardi B as a business woman – she knows exactly what to do to make a statement.

Does anyone else wonder how she goes about her life while wearing those nails? Like the bathroom? Or putting shoes on? One would have to ask her personal assistants for those answers I guess.

5. Chunky Sole Boots aka Platform Boots

The feet are by far the most unflattering aspect of the human body (Quentin Tarantino would disagree of course). While pedicures, sexy heels, and strategic posing helps sometimes, the feet will always be a curious limb to dress/cover.

And then along came early 2000’s and the grunge scene blew up. These shoes make the feet disproportionate to the rest of the body. Would they be great for fighting Aliens like Ripley in the 1980s? For sure. These shoes definitely hit a nostalgic cord in all of us. The appeal? Yet another throwback to our beloved childhood (curious cause most of Gen Z were not even born during the time they are trying to throwback to) – also, wearing tires are cool….right?

6. Chunky Grandpa Sneakers

Continuing the “Lets make the feet even more unattractive” trend – Here is the chunky grandpa sneakers. I am sure the comfort is out of this world amazing – However, I am doubtful that you will feel the same level of comfort when you look back with your grandkids on vintage Instagram posts. I do not care to practice nursing home fashions before my time to live in one. I do not give a sh** what celebrity is wearing them.

Well there you have it, my top 5 of the worst fashion trends for 2020-21.

I plan on doing a continuation of worst trends as time continues. Ugly fashion never dies does it? We really have got to leave some things in the angsty/awkward/roll-your-eyes era that they came from.

“to whomever is deciding fashion trends at the moment and making the theme ‘things I was bullied for wearing in middle school’….kindly stop I’m tired”.


Well said indeed.

Let me know what other trends you personally find the worst in the comments below!

As always thank you so much for stopping by! I so appreciate you ❤



**I do not own any of the pictures posted. They all belong to their respective owners.


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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am interested in the simple aspects of looking put together. Not seeking perfection over here, just ideas. You’re such a creative it’s nice (and fun) to just read your ideas, experience, and opinions.

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