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Who doesn’t have a classic white button up shirt in their closet or dresser right now? Anyone?? Often seen as just a boring old blouse that you wear to work and that boring business meeting/zoom call – I’d like to really inspire you this week to try and breath some new life into that wrinkled shirt and start showing it some love.

You’ll be surprised with just how many looks you will be able to transform that garment – might end up being your new favorite! Below are some icons that have inspired me personally and that I know will inspire you!

Here we have some amazing examples of the white shirt! Pictured to the upper left is the gorgeous Jane Russell who blew Hollywood away when she landed in the 1940s with her sultry attitude. She truly could wear anything and make it look stunning! – look at those clean lines and effortless chic of the simple white shirt, high waisted black pants and sandals.

Breaking down the look: a fabulous white button up shirt, black slacks, and some fun jewelry finishes this look. This entire ensemble is so perfect for spring and early summer!

You too can dress like this!

The next picture in the middle needs no introduction. My forever icon: miss Audrey Hepburn.

*sigh* wish I was her while holding Mr. Gregory Pecks hand as well – where can I find one of those 😛

Anyways, here she is in one of my favorite romantic films ever made – Roman Holiday (1953). A majority of the film she is wearing this lovely chic ensemble – a white button up shirt, neck scarf, and a light cotton belted skirt. This is such an adorable look to be inspired by for your lovely summer outings.

Pictured on the far left is Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits 1960. Like so many women, when I was growing up I went through a harsh phase of feeling out of place with my curves, nothing seemed to fit. I still struggle with jean shopping! Watching Marilyn Monroe walk confidently on camera was such an inspiration to me. Here was this icon just being herself and owning every square inch of it.

Thats great, where would you suggest I get this look?” you may be asking.

Let’s Shop!

Y’all I am a HUGE FAN of thrifting! (As we continue, I will be sharing even more tips and tricks for getting great finds at thrift stores )

I get so much joy from going to thrift stores all over Los Angeles (or anywhere I travel to) and going on scavenger hunts! I love finding a one of a kind garment to add to my closet – does anyone else think of the amazing back stories of the previous owners? Just me?

I totally understand if thrifting is not for everyone. My sister literally hated going to them until I would drag her to just try one. Here’s the thing – she’s a fan now! Just try it, please! Honestly, most often then not the quality is so much better at thrift stores than new clothes. especially if you’re on a budget.

Just got an impeccably crisp white button up shirt for less than $10 at my local Salvation Army! And I know it will last me at least a year (unless I spill pasta on it O_O)

However for those who would rather have a brand new, unworn shirt, I’ve linked my favorite good quality, budget friendly options below!

I’m opening this blog with basics cause it is so important to start simple with good wardrobe fundamentals. Start with a classic shirt and just have fun!

Hope dear reader that you found this article useful – I am so grateful that you stopped by my corner of the world to check me out. I am looking forward to next post!

Figuring out a whole wardrobe can be overwhelming at times, but starting with the basics is a fantastic start!

— xoxox


**I do not own any of the images posted as they belong to their respective owners.


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